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    Construction Services

    For many years, companies have trusted us to monitor their construction projects to ensure that safety, security, quality, and deadlines are met. We all know how dangerous it is if your project management gets spread too thin. As a representative of YOUR engineering, safety, facilities, or maintenance departments, we ensure that all the guidelines are met. We keep to the schedule to make sure projects are moving along quickly. Don’t wait for a disaster to happen! Minimize your risk and call us before your workload spreads you too thin.

    Owner’s Representative Construction Services

    • Construction Meetings: we represent your interests in meetings with the engineering firm, general contractor, and all other
      entities employed by you.
    • Construction Monitoring—We assure safety, security, quality, communication, and coordination of scheduling.

    • On-site Project Management—We perform full project management or superintendent services.

    • Construction Administration—We perform some or all construction administration functions as needed to support your project.

    • Manage Inspection Process—We will review building permits and verify that all contractors are properly licensed and insured.

    • Pay Draw Reviews—We verify that work has been completed according to your satisfaction before approving pay draws to
      your general contractor.

    • Estimating Service

    • Construction Management

    • Construction Oversight

    • Construction Management Controls

    • Contract Management and Negotiations

    • Sub Consultant Contracting

    • Budget Management

    • Construction Change Management

    • Planning and Feasibility

    • Planning and Strategies

    What We Monitor

    • On-site Construction Inspections

    • Construction Quality

    • Material Verification

    • Component fabrication and welding

    • Process piping mechanical

    • Process instrumentation and control

    • Design Review

    • Value Engineering

    • Scope and Budget Review

    • Regulatory Approvals

    • Permitting

    • Constructability Review

    • Construction Delivery and Implementation Methods

    • Life Cycle Costs

    • Project Management

    • Facilities Management

    • Process electrical

    • General construction processes

    • Jobsite safety

    • General civil engineering

    • Facilities electrical

    • Facilities mechanical

    Construction Workers