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    Connecting the Plant Floor to the WorldReliatech Automation Controls

    The revolution is on. Plant floor integration. M2M. IoT/IoE. Companies that fail to embrace and pursue integration and automation efforts will be left behind.

    It’s a diverse landscape on the plant floor. Integrating ERP, MES, SCADA, PLCs, sensors, and more can be a complex and daunting effort. But the rewards are evolutionary. Let Reliatech help you on your journey to integrate the plant floor with the world.

    There are integration engine and platform options. We can help you choose what makes the most sense for your environment.


    ERP and Supply Chain Management

    Reliatech has core strengths in the supply chain management area of enterprise resource planning systems, from Procurement of materials through putting the finished product in your customer’s hands.



    EAM/PM - Plant Maintenace


    APO – Advanced Planning & Optimization

    S&OP – Sales & Operations Planning

    SM – Service Management

    PP – Production Planning

    PE – Production Execution

    MM – Materials Management

    ME – Manufacturing Execution

    MII – Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

    QM – Quality Management

    EWM – Extended Warehouse Management

    GTS – Global Trade Services



    Advanced Procurement

    Value Chain Execution

    Order Orchestration and Fulfillment

    Asset Lifecycle Management


    Product Value Chain Management

    Value Chain Planning

    Business Intelligence and Analytics


    Technology enabled predictive maintenance or TEPM is resulting in dramatic increases in productivity due to reduced downtime. The ready availability of new wireless transmitters, from vibration accelerometers to acoustic sensors, makes it possible to install sensors in locations not previously considered. Vibration sensors can be more easily justified on rotating equipment like pumps, compressors and blowers for which changing vibration levels often signal impending problems. You may also utilize wireless devices to monitor temperature, level, pressure, position and sound. Reliatech can enable you to monitor, analyze and present this information to maintenance personnel and operators.  

    We Were Raised with a Lunch Box and Wrench

    Do you ever get the feeling that your IT support doesn’t really know what it is that you do? That won’t happen with Reliatech. We know production environments because we’ve been working in them for more than 60 years. We don’t try to sell you the latest gee-whiz software. Instead, we work with you to create practical, useful solutions that leverage your assets along with new technology that results in integrated systems to support the way

    you work.

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